Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Puppy

Posted by Tsunami

The new pup is slowing up blogging a little, but I'll try to catch up this evening. It's hard to keep up the pace with a 7 week old...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Old Games Strike Back!

Posted by Tsunami

Well, all 4 gone for $105 in store credit, which will promptly be spent. I'm looking at adding;

1x TOG Cohort
1x Lupis Light Grav APC Blister
1x Type 69 I MBT's Blister
1x LeClerc MBT's Blister
1x M6 Linebacker Blister
1x Saracen Blister
1x Steve Jackson Games "Last War Convoy"
Various Misc GZG tracked vehicles

The TOG stuff will be added to the Legions, while the Type-69's will receive Deliverer Turrets and join their brothers. The LeClerc's help fill out my new Corporate Security Forces, while the M6's will receive Spartius Turrets to become tracked APC's. All told I'll get a little over 100 vehicles to add to my forces! Not bad for a bunch of boxes that were sitting in a closet through most of my last enlistment.

Also, I got the slide for one of my FNP-9's back from CCR Refinishing, so my first firearms post shall follow tomorrow!

Old Games

Posted by Tsunami

Though I don't normally like dealing with companies that have pricing like Noble Knight Games, I find myself attracted to their offer of trade-in value on used games. I happen to have 4 items that I'm looking to get rid of and their prices on these items are more than attractive. The games are;

Trinity:Battlegrounds Boxed Set (White Wolf Games)- they have a copy of this for $130!
Navy Plan Red (Avalanche Press)- New in box
Navy Plan Black (Avalanche Press)- New in box
Navy Plan Orange (Avalanche Press)- Half the counters have been punched

The Avalanche Press games are selling between $50-$90 each, so all told, I could get lots of trade-in cash for these. That would then be used to pick up some various GHQ packs and possibly some of the Renegade Legion stuff they have, though that is heftily overpriced.

This afternoon I'll throw up a post on the Mercenary OPFOR that I've been building up.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Long Day...Short Post

Posted by Tsunami

Well, after a long day of driving I'm home again. I managed to finish cleaning up some of the new GHQ stuff last night, in preparation for base-coating tomorrow. On the right we have the LeClercs that are destined to be a locally-produced MBT, in the center are the YPR-765 with a trimmed M60A2 Cupola that will be serving as Police APC's, BTR-152K's that will be Protected Convoy Transports, and finally a Buffalo EOD that will serve as a sort-of MRAP/APC.

This little guy has been hanging out near my window for the past few days...I think it's attracted to the finely painted miniatures....or it could be the flowers...

Life Intrudes and More Goodies

Posted by Tsunami

Well, light blogging today, as a result of the time I'll be spending on the road this afternoon. However, there is some good news;

My recent order from PFC has shipped and should be here by Saturday/Monday. The order consists of:

1x ASF-1 (Tank Hunter)
1x 5951 (Aeneas)
2x 5959 (Trajan)
1x G-74 (Leopard 1A3A4)

as well as:

75x 5955 Horatius Turrets
25x 5960 Deliverer Turrets

I'll be converting all of my M60/M48 Hulls with the Horatius Turrets and all of my Type-69 I Hulls with the Deliverer Turrets. Hopefully, I'll put some more pics up when I get home tonight.

Oh! I almost forgot, the new Puppy will be here Saturday! His name has already been decided upon as "Dieter", which is very proper for a German Wirehaired Pointer, and his arrival is much anticipated. I hope he has no interest in eating little plastic tanks...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Titus Medium Grav Tank

Posted by Tsunami

Well, I promised you all some conversions, so here's the first "quick and easy" conversion. I've done a number turret and hull swaps to achieve variation within my forces and found that a number of vehicles in the "Centurion Vehicle Update" could be created with such simple conversions.

Here is an example of my lightly converted "Titus Medium Grav Tank", named for Titus Herminius, a soldier who was said to have stayed with Horatius Cocles while defending the Pons Sublicius until Horatius asked him to leave. Considering this tank's close relationship with the Horatius Medium Grav Tank, I thought the name fitting. I constructed it using a modified Horatius chassis and the turret from a Spartius. With parts limited until I can sculpt my own vehicles, this is an acceptable stop-gap to add variation.

Titus' with GHQ LeClerc, IWM Rommel/Patton, and MF Attack Helo

Workbench Photos

Posted by Tsunami

Reginus Tracked Tank (M60A2 Hull and Horatius Turret, both from CinC)

The Workbench

Tracked APC (M6 Linebacker Hull from GHQ and Spartius Turret from FASA)

Air Support-Part I

Posted by Tsunami

Well, I thought I begin with the Aerial units of my army. I found it necessary to have three distinct types of air support to really provide some diversity;

1) Helos- A variety of transport and attack Helicopters would seem obsolete in an army equipped with Grav tanks, however I came to the conclusion that the technology would be considerably cheaper. I'm very fond of the AH-1 and AH-64 birds, but could never justify representing my forces in 1:1 with GHQ models, being the primary source of 1/300. (Too damn expensive!)

I was saved by a memory. I recalled that when I was a kid we had these toys that Kenner or Galoob made, and that they were smaller than micromachines! Bless the internet, because within an hour of searching the words "toys, little tanks, kenner, galoob" I had discovered the Toy Archive website and Mega Force. Long-story short, I was able to secure a large amount of Mega Force via Bartertown, including around 40 of the Tri-Force Helicopter you see above. Roughly 25 were missing their rotors, but that is a problem easily solved. I thought the design was absolutely perfect for representing a sci-fi Attack Helicopter and would fill my requirements quite nicely. Thanks to the Toy Archive for the photo

Part II-VTOLs: Coming Soon
Part III-Aircraft: Coming Soon

Monday, June 15, 2009

The "Grand Project"

Posted by Tsunami

It all started long, long ago, in a place far, far away (read: Ohio). Having recently moved to Columbus upon enrolling as a student in one of the finest educational institutes in America, The Ohio State University, I played a little game called "Ogre" at a friend's apartment. Finding Microarmor to be so much fun and relatively easy to collect, I went in search of various sources of Sci-Fi 6mm miniatures.

Upon setting out on my search, I discovered the "Ogre Miniatures Without Ogre Miniatures" article and focused upon the "Plastic Death Cohorts". I researched these items and all things related to the somewhat long-dead game of Renegade Legion:Centurion and the miniatures that FASA had offered. I discovered Stiggybaby's clearance section online and through a little negotiating, seeing that the owner of the time was selling off the business, I managed to acquire;

10x TOG Cohorts
2x Renegade Cohorts
1x Renegade Legion:Centurion 2nd Edition box
52x Blisters of Horatius Med Grav tanks (156 tanks!)

All that was had for less than $150, so I was quite happy. Over the years, I slowly collected more items, adding an additional 15 TOG Cohorts, 4 Renegade Cohorts, various BattleTech tanks/Vehicles, various Modern Microarmor, some Reaper CAV items, and many MegaForce toys from the early 90's. After recently selling my Battlefleet Gothic collection for over $1100, I had some spare room in my budget to really begin painting and converting all the vehicles I had managed to scrounge. So, over the coming weeks, I intend to detail my conversions, finished products, and new acquisitions. Hope you all enjoy!

Recent Acquisitions

Posted by Tsunami

Well, before I publish the extra-long post detailing what my project consists of, I figured that I would let you all see what I was able to acquire this weekend. The closest Gaming Store to where I happen to reside is roughly 4 hours away, by car, so my visits are "infrequent". Luckily, when I walked in Sunday, they were having a GHQ sale, with all packs priced at $3.50 each. I managed to snag these items;

2x VN1 River Monitors
1x N99 M60A3 w/ Reactive Armor
1x N122 M6 Linebacker
1x N514 Buffalo EOD vehicle
1x N116 LeClerc MBT
1x N100 YPR 765 IFV
2x N103 Improved Warrior IFV
1x N92 Saracen APC
1x N87 Leopard 1 A1A1 MBT
1x N41 Marder IFV
2x N83 7.5 Ton MAN Truck
1x W72 BTR-152K (Hard Top)
3x RC1 Type 69 I MBT

All in all, 18 GHQ packs cost me around $60! Most will end up as Low-Tech Planetary Militia, but some will be converted with Renegade Legion Turrets to serve as Tracked/Wheeled TOG vehicles. These mixed with my recent order from PFC-CinC will really help fill out the non-Grav units that I've got.

Also, I received another "Renegade" plastic Cohort in the mail. I've seen these go for as much as $50 each on Ebay, but the going rate is $25. My supplier has tons of them, so I've bought around 15 TOG cohorts in the past few months from him.

Photos of the new stuff to follow, though taking into account the relative age of my blog, everything is new!

First Post

Posted by Tsunami

Greetings to all! This is the initial post as I prepare to begin my foray into the world of internet blogging. The primary focus of this blog will be my Renegade Legion/6mm Sci-Fi miniatures project that shall be the focus of my hobby time in the near future. Posts of that nature will be interspersed with those on my other primary hobby, which happens to be the collecting of fine firearms. Though I do not intend to be "sucked" into the black-hole of intelligence that is the internet blogging community, there may be some slippage in my resolve.

I like miniatures, I like guns, I'm a Republican, I'm both a former and future member of the United States Armed Forces, and I don't care if you don't like what I have to say. It's my blog, so don't read the damn thing if you don't like it.