Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Life Intrudes and More Goodies

Posted by Tsunami

Well, light blogging today, as a result of the time I'll be spending on the road this afternoon. However, there is some good news;

My recent order from PFC has shipped and should be here by Saturday/Monday. The order consists of:

1x ASF-1 (Tank Hunter)
1x 5951 (Aeneas)
2x 5959 (Trajan)
1x G-74 (Leopard 1A3A4)

as well as:

75x 5955 Horatius Turrets
25x 5960 Deliverer Turrets

I'll be converting all of my M60/M48 Hulls with the Horatius Turrets and all of my Type-69 I Hulls with the Deliverer Turrets. Hopefully, I'll put some more pics up when I get home tonight.

Oh! I almost forgot, the new Puppy will be here Saturday! His name has already been decided upon as "Dieter", which is very proper for a German Wirehaired Pointer, and his arrival is much anticipated. I hope he has no interest in eating little plastic tanks...


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