Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Titus Medium Grav Tank

Posted by Tsunami

Well, I promised you all some conversions, so here's the first "quick and easy" conversion. I've done a number turret and hull swaps to achieve variation within my forces and found that a number of vehicles in the "Centurion Vehicle Update" could be created with such simple conversions.

Here is an example of my lightly converted "Titus Medium Grav Tank", named for Titus Herminius, a soldier who was said to have stayed with Horatius Cocles while defending the Pons Sublicius until Horatius asked him to leave. Considering this tank's close relationship with the Horatius Medium Grav Tank, I thought the name fitting. I constructed it using a modified Horatius chassis and the turret from a Spartius. With parts limited until I can sculpt my own vehicles, this is an acceptable stop-gap to add variation.

Titus' with GHQ LeClerc, IWM Rommel/Patton, and MF Attack Helo


KJ said...

Your Titus looks like one of the engineering vehicles from the TOG Vehicle Briefing/Technical Update (can't remember what the name is).

Tsunami said...

I believe you're thinking of the "Remus" Grav Engineering Vehicle. Yeh, it shares some design elements, but if I really wanted to make a Remus, I'd have to chop the front off of some of the Romulus APC's and add the front of a Horatius. That's on my "to-do" list for the near future.

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