Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getting Organized

Posted by Tsunami

Ok...working on getting my stuff unboxed and prepared for photographing. I ordered a few more Cohorts from Dave, and will try and get some decent conversions done in the next few weeks.

For now, I've got a list of the various vehicle conversions that I have done or planned to do;

[]- denotes TOG vehicle part
{}- denotes Renegade vehicle part
All other parts of from GHQ miniatures

Scamp = LAV with [Aeneas] turret
Kershaw = M60 with [Horatius] turret
Vindicta = EE-11 Urutu
Agitator = M60 with Old Crow turret
Cestus = Israeli Centurion with [Aeneas] turret
Crassus = M2/3 Bradley with {Spartius} turret
Reginus = M48/M60's
Nisus = [Aeneas] Hull with {Viper} turret
Octavian = [Horatius] Hull with T-62A turret

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm Back!

Posted by Tsunami

Finally going to have time for a blog again. Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me during the 18-month hiatus. I didn't realize so many people were interested in Ren-Leg and 6mm sci-fi stuff.

The first few posts will focus on the interim developments in my collections, and will then merge into some "new" developments.

I'm going to shoot for one post per week, on either Saturday or Sunday, with occasional short updates during the work-week.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Puppy

Posted by Tsunami

The new pup is slowing up blogging a little, but I'll try to catch up this evening. It's hard to keep up the pace with a 7 week old...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Old Games Strike Back!

Posted by Tsunami

Well, all 4 gone for $105 in store credit, which will promptly be spent. I'm looking at adding;

1x TOG Cohort
1x Lupis Light Grav APC Blister
1x Type 69 I MBT's Blister
1x LeClerc MBT's Blister
1x M6 Linebacker Blister
1x Saracen Blister
1x Steve Jackson Games "Last War Convoy"
Various Misc GZG tracked vehicles

The TOG stuff will be added to the Legions, while the Type-69's will receive Deliverer Turrets and join their brothers. The LeClerc's help fill out my new Corporate Security Forces, while the M6's will receive Spartius Turrets to become tracked APC's. All told I'll get a little over 100 vehicles to add to my forces! Not bad for a bunch of boxes that were sitting in a closet through most of my last enlistment.

Also, I got the slide for one of my FNP-9's back from CCR Refinishing, so my first firearms post shall follow tomorrow!

Old Games

Posted by Tsunami

Though I don't normally like dealing with companies that have pricing like Noble Knight Games, I find myself attracted to their offer of trade-in value on used games. I happen to have 4 items that I'm looking to get rid of and their prices on these items are more than attractive. The games are;

Trinity:Battlegrounds Boxed Set (White Wolf Games)- they have a copy of this for $130!
Navy Plan Red (Avalanche Press)- New in box
Navy Plan Black (Avalanche Press)- New in box
Navy Plan Orange (Avalanche Press)- Half the counters have been punched

The Avalanche Press games are selling between $50-$90 each, so all told, I could get lots of trade-in cash for these. That would then be used to pick up some various GHQ packs and possibly some of the Renegade Legion stuff they have, though that is heftily overpriced.

This afternoon I'll throw up a post on the Mercenary OPFOR that I've been building up.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Long Day...Short Post

Posted by Tsunami

Well, after a long day of driving I'm home again. I managed to finish cleaning up some of the new GHQ stuff last night, in preparation for base-coating tomorrow. On the right we have the LeClercs that are destined to be a locally-produced MBT, in the center are the YPR-765 with a trimmed M60A2 Cupola that will be serving as Police APC's, BTR-152K's that will be Protected Convoy Transports, and finally a Buffalo EOD that will serve as a sort-of MRAP/APC.

This little guy has been hanging out near my window for the past few days...I think it's attracted to the finely painted miniatures....or it could be the flowers...