Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getting Organized

Posted by Tsunami

Ok...working on getting my stuff unboxed and prepared for photographing. I ordered a few more Cohorts from Dave, and will try and get some decent conversions done in the next few weeks.

For now, I've got a list of the various vehicle conversions that I have done or planned to do;

[]- denotes TOG vehicle part
{}- denotes Renegade vehicle part
All other parts of from GHQ miniatures

Scamp = LAV with [Aeneas] turret
Kershaw = M60 with [Horatius] turret
Vindicta = EE-11 Urutu
Agitator = M60 with Old Crow turret
Cestus = Israeli Centurion with [Aeneas] turret
Crassus = M2/3 Bradley with {Spartius} turret
Reginus = M48/M60's
Nisus = [Aeneas] Hull with {Viper} turret
Octavian = [Horatius] Hull with T-62A turret


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