Thursday, June 18, 2009

Old Games

Posted by Tsunami

Though I don't normally like dealing with companies that have pricing like Noble Knight Games, I find myself attracted to their offer of trade-in value on used games. I happen to have 4 items that I'm looking to get rid of and their prices on these items are more than attractive. The games are;

Trinity:Battlegrounds Boxed Set (White Wolf Games)- they have a copy of this for $130!
Navy Plan Red (Avalanche Press)- New in box
Navy Plan Black (Avalanche Press)- New in box
Navy Plan Orange (Avalanche Press)- Half the counters have been punched

The Avalanche Press games are selling between $50-$90 each, so all told, I could get lots of trade-in cash for these. That would then be used to pick up some various GHQ packs and possibly some of the Renegade Legion stuff they have, though that is heftily overpriced.

This afternoon I'll throw up a post on the Mercenary OPFOR that I've been building up.


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