Thursday, June 18, 2009

Old Games Strike Back!

Posted by Tsunami

Well, all 4 gone for $105 in store credit, which will promptly be spent. I'm looking at adding;

1x TOG Cohort
1x Lupis Light Grav APC Blister
1x Type 69 I MBT's Blister
1x LeClerc MBT's Blister
1x M6 Linebacker Blister
1x Saracen Blister
1x Steve Jackson Games "Last War Convoy"
Various Misc GZG tracked vehicles

The TOG stuff will be added to the Legions, while the Type-69's will receive Deliverer Turrets and join their brothers. The LeClerc's help fill out my new Corporate Security Forces, while the M6's will receive Spartius Turrets to become tracked APC's. All told I'll get a little over 100 vehicles to add to my forces! Not bad for a bunch of boxes that were sitting in a closet through most of my last enlistment.

Also, I got the slide for one of my FNP-9's back from CCR Refinishing, so my first firearms post shall follow tomorrow!


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