Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Air Support-Part I

Posted by Tsunami

Well, I thought I begin with the Aerial units of my army. I found it necessary to have three distinct types of air support to really provide some diversity;

1) Helos- A variety of transport and attack Helicopters would seem obsolete in an army equipped with Grav tanks, however I came to the conclusion that the technology would be considerably cheaper. I'm very fond of the AH-1 and AH-64 birds, but could never justify representing my forces in 1:1 with GHQ models, being the primary source of 1/300. (Too damn expensive!)

I was saved by a memory. I recalled that when I was a kid we had these toys that Kenner or Galoob made, and that they were smaller than micromachines! Bless the internet, because within an hour of searching the words "toys, little tanks, kenner, galoob" I had discovered the Toy Archive website and Mega Force. Long-story short, I was able to secure a large amount of Mega Force via Bartertown, including around 40 of the Tri-Force Helicopter you see above. Roughly 25 were missing their rotors, but that is a problem easily solved. I thought the design was absolutely perfect for representing a sci-fi Attack Helicopter and would fill my requirements quite nicely. Thanks to the Toy Archive for the photo

Part II-VTOLs: Coming Soon
Part III-Aircraft: Coming Soon


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