Monday, June 15, 2009

The "Grand Project"

Posted by Tsunami

It all started long, long ago, in a place far, far away (read: Ohio). Having recently moved to Columbus upon enrolling as a student in one of the finest educational institutes in America, The Ohio State University, I played a little game called "Ogre" at a friend's apartment. Finding Microarmor to be so much fun and relatively easy to collect, I went in search of various sources of Sci-Fi 6mm miniatures.

Upon setting out on my search, I discovered the "Ogre Miniatures Without Ogre Miniatures" article and focused upon the "Plastic Death Cohorts". I researched these items and all things related to the somewhat long-dead game of Renegade Legion:Centurion and the miniatures that FASA had offered. I discovered Stiggybaby's clearance section online and through a little negotiating, seeing that the owner of the time was selling off the business, I managed to acquire;

10x TOG Cohorts
2x Renegade Cohorts
1x Renegade Legion:Centurion 2nd Edition box
52x Blisters of Horatius Med Grav tanks (156 tanks!)

All that was had for less than $150, so I was quite happy. Over the years, I slowly collected more items, adding an additional 15 TOG Cohorts, 4 Renegade Cohorts, various BattleTech tanks/Vehicles, various Modern Microarmor, some Reaper CAV items, and many MegaForce toys from the early 90's. After recently selling my Battlefleet Gothic collection for over $1100, I had some spare room in my budget to really begin painting and converting all the vehicles I had managed to scrounge. So, over the coming weeks, I intend to detail my conversions, finished products, and new acquisitions. Hope you all enjoy!


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