Monday, June 15, 2009

Recent Acquisitions

Posted by Tsunami

Well, before I publish the extra-long post detailing what my project consists of, I figured that I would let you all see what I was able to acquire this weekend. The closest Gaming Store to where I happen to reside is roughly 4 hours away, by car, so my visits are "infrequent". Luckily, when I walked in Sunday, they were having a GHQ sale, with all packs priced at $3.50 each. I managed to snag these items;

2x VN1 River Monitors
1x N99 M60A3 w/ Reactive Armor
1x N122 M6 Linebacker
1x N514 Buffalo EOD vehicle
1x N116 LeClerc MBT
1x N100 YPR 765 IFV
2x N103 Improved Warrior IFV
1x N92 Saracen APC
1x N87 Leopard 1 A1A1 MBT
1x N41 Marder IFV
2x N83 7.5 Ton MAN Truck
1x W72 BTR-152K (Hard Top)
3x RC1 Type 69 I MBT

All in all, 18 GHQ packs cost me around $60! Most will end up as Low-Tech Planetary Militia, but some will be converted with Renegade Legion Turrets to serve as Tracked/Wheeled TOG vehicles. These mixed with my recent order from PFC-CinC will really help fill out the non-Grav units that I've got.

Also, I received another "Renegade" plastic Cohort in the mail. I've seen these go for as much as $50 each on Ebay, but the going rate is $25. My supplier has tons of them, so I've bought around 15 TOG cohorts in the past few months from him.

Photos of the new stuff to follow, though taking into account the relative age of my blog, everything is new!


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